Meet Mickaël

From Brittany, France to Lindsay, Ontario

At four years old, Mickaёl went missing. His mother searched frantically for her little boy, only to find him in the bakery next door—covered head-to-toe in flour. As an adult, he emigrated to Canada, sharing his passion as he traveled the country. Finally, he settled in Lindsay, Ontario with his beautiful wife and their boisterous children.

In 2015, Mickaёl opened two bakeries in France with one of his brothers. The next year, he expanded his current space in Reeds Plaza, Lindsay, and opened a small Cafe and French Book Store. The cafe focused on Crepes, and of course, coffee.

In January of 2017, the cafe closed while new counters, mixers, ovens and other equipment was installed so that Mickaёl could start baking in Lindsay.

Freshness is Mickaёl’s first priority. Everything is baked that day. Anything that doesn’t sell, is sold the next day at a discount, or donated to a local shelter. Mickaёl has built a like-minded team around him to bring our amazing customers a line of products that we are proud to offer. Everything is made with a true passion for baking, and a drive to excel!